Clients of our Health/Pharma Dept are:

International marketing managers and vice presidents of major pharma companies such as GSK, Aventis, Novartis, GE Healthcare or more modest such as Vetoquinol or Zimmer Dental.
They ask us to overcome strategic issues with a short turn positive impact on their EBITDA margin along with a cost containment approach if not at constant costs which we are happy to deliver should the issue be the fine tuning of their Corporate/Portfolio Strategic coherence along market evolution ; or should the issue be the design and steering of an European Expert Group & Related Publication Plan and/or of an European Creative Seminar.
Public or Private Hospitals and Healthcare Managers who need to provide certified medical translations of their Operative Report and/or Discharge Summary and/or Prescriptions, in either French or English for their foreign patients to bring back home and liaise with both their GP and Insurance.
We have the only certified know-how for translations that respects USA/UK/France/RoEU medical confidentiality laws during the whole process.