Our practice leaders

Dr Jan-Cedric Hansen 
Dr Jan-Cedric Hansen is a member of the UK board of StratAdviser Ltd and leads the Strategy Practice of the company since 2008 as well as the Chief Medical Officer of a French Public Nursing Home founded in 1267. In addition he is member of the Board of the French Society for Disaster Medicine and a Reserve Officer of the French Surgeon General Office. Those well recognised fields of expertise along with a deep understanding of the concept of Strategy, made him to become as an example of his achievements the personnel adviser to the General Manager of the West African Health Organisation regarding regional public health issues such as Ebola. As a medico-marketing Director, he helped many international marketing managers and vice presidents of major pharma companies such as GSK, Aventis, Novartis, GE Healthcare or more modest such as Vetoquinol or Zimmer Dental to overcome strategic issues with a short turn positive impact on their EBITDA margin along with a cost containment approach if not at constant costs. He also designed and steered several independent international experts boards dedicated to elicit evidence based knowledge and know-how as well as recommendations on good practice ending with high standard publications on behalf of StratAdviser Ltd’s clients. As Chief Medical Officer of a French Public Nursing Home he contributed to the writing of the frail elderly management good practice reference book; he designed the french national standard for the medical continuing professional development course on palliative care; he is the cofounder of the regional Ethic committee of Normandy. He is as well an experienced lecturer in Ethics and psychosocial risks prevention (University of Normandy), Management, Marketing, Communication & Crisis Management, and CBRN defence for three engineering schools (MinesNancy, Institut Fayol, IESTI), one business schools (IAE Lille), and a major institute of public administration (IRA Metz). In addition, he has more than eighty publications on various applications of strategy in his fields of interest. 

Comte Jean-Philippe Carpentier  
After graduating from Rouen Business School and HEC doctoral studies, Jean-Philippe Carpentier worked in the trading industry in London. He then managed a publishing company specialised in B 
to B media. Subsequently, in 1998, after obtaining a postgraduate degree in law litigation, he founded the Firm Carpentier avocats. Author of numerous scientific articles some in collaboration with Jan-Cedric Hansen about major crisis management, Jean-Philippe Carpentier‟s interventions cover various fields including featuring an expert in crisis simulation exercise on behalf of the French Army and lecturing and appearing in highly acclaimed posdcasts for the HCFDC. Jean-Philippe Carpentier counts among the leading international experts in contract law and EC law. He is the President of the European Nobility Association. French and Swiss national Jean-Philippe Carpentier’s work languages are French, German and English. 

Sebastien Modicom  
After graduation from his B. Sc., Sebastien Modicom preferred the immediate immersion into life. He joined Medicus then Publicis where he became a close collaborator of Dr Jan-Cedric Hansen. The numerous successful missions they performed together built a strong team relationship which made it obvious for Sebastian Modicom to accept the charge of StratAdviser Ltd CFO when Dr Jan-Cedric Hansen proposed the position to him. Due to his commitment and efficiency he was soon appointed as Operational Director of Medco in addition. He has a deep understanding of client‟s needs and how to appraise added value. In addition he shares his knowledge and know-how through StratAdviser‟s Lectures&Workshops a proprietary academic program dedicated to enhance our clients‟ skills & expertise.