Our Strategic Advice in Practice 

One methodology:  
• StratAdviser proprietary methodology

Two different kinds of deliverables: 
• Sound advices alone 
• Sound advices and their related deliverables

Three ways to collaborate:

Long Term Assistance
for Health/Pharma SME
Annual Programs for pharma Blue Chips and SME 1-3 day seminars for BU, SME and alike
  • Corporate/Portfolio Strategic coherence along market evolution  Corporate/Portfolio European Strategic Lobbying 
  • High Profile Managers Key Decisions process assistance 
  • International Marketing Task Force management  
  • European Expert Group & Related Publication Plan 
  • Prelaunch & Launch Strategic Matrix implementation 
  • Corporate/Portfolio Strategy Fine Tuning 
  • Corporate/Portfolio Strategy Stakeholders Appropriation 
  • Corporate/Portfolio Strategy Tactical Field/Market Adaptation 
  • Prescribers Scrutiny through Sales’ Forces 
  • Optimizing Sales’ Forces impact factor 
  • Sales Oriented Medical Education  
  • Contextual Incentive
  • Market Study Audit 
  • New Competitive Edges 
  • Competitors’ Strategy Simulation 
  • Enhance Brand’s Resilience 
  • Joint Strategic Workshops 
  • Brand Audit 
  • Brand Rejuvenation  
  • Portfolio Audit 
  • European Creative Seminar 
  • Tender Notice Audit 
  • Lecture & Workshops