What StratAdviser Ltd Can Do for You

What StratAdviser Ltd Can Do for You - Stratadviser

StratAdviser Ltd, with nearly 20 years of experience, is your premier partner for strategic advice and tactical implementation across the fields of Global Health, Public Health, Emergency, Military, CBRN, and Disaster Medicine. Operating in the UK (Headquarters), France (Office), Canada, the USA, and the Rest of the European Union (RoEU), our firm is organized into six specialized departments, each dedicated to delivering high-impact solutions:

Our departments

1. Lectures & Workshops by StratAdviser: We design and deliver high-standard scientific and educational content for your seminars and conferences. Whether your focus is on strategic public health, emergency and disaster medicine, or medical science, we provide expert content that meets your sponsorship goals.

   - Typical Assistance: Tailored content development, speaker engagements, and workshop facilitation to enhance knowledge dissemination and professional development.

2. Audit & Expertise by StratAdviser: We evaluate the alignment of your organization and functional units with your strategic goals under various conditions, including critical stress and crisis situations. Our audits ensure your business continuity plans and crisis management strategies are robust and effective.

   - Typical Assistance: Comprehensive organizational audits, crisis response evaluations, and management posture assessments.

3. Procedures & Certification by StratAdviser: We draft and certify operational procedures tailored to the specific legal and regulatory constraints of the healthcare and CBRN sectors. Our services ensure that your processes are compliant and optimized for operational efficiency.

   - Typical Assistance: Development of operational procedures, certification of compliance processes, and regulatory adherence strategies.

4. Research & Publication by StratAdviser: We generate, compile, and disseminate valuable insights to support your strategic decision-making. Our team guides you through the complexities of research, from planning and execution to regulatory compliance and data analysis, covering both market and clinical studies.

   - Typical Assistance: Custom research reports, market analysis, regulatory compliance support, and publication of findings in peer review journals.

5. iCrisis by StratAdviser: We offer experiential training for strategic management in Crisis Units, catering to decision-makers facing unpredictable, unstable, and complex scenarios. Our training enhances your capacity for situational analysis, anticipation, decision-making, and action management.

   - Typical Assistance: Crisis simulation exercises, strategic decision-making workshops, and leadership training in crisis scenarios.

6. READ DNA by StratAdviser: We provide clinical research teams studying Alzheimer's disease and related neuro-evolutionary conditions with a simple, medically certified tool to determine familial links between cases and controls. This tool reinterprets data generated by second or third-generation DNA sequencing, identifying unrecognized or sporadic familial forms at the time of recruitment. It addresses a recruitment bias that statistical methods have been unable to mitigate until now.

   - Typical Assistance: Implementation of the READ DNA tool, training for research teams, and support in analyzing genetic data.

Partner with StratAdviser Ltd

StratAdviser Ltd is committed to empowering key decision-makers and managers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to thrive in the healthcare market. With nearly 20 years of experience and a broad range of expertise spanning the UK, France, Canada, the USA, and the Rest of the European Union (RoEU), our specialized departments are designed to address your unique challenges and drive success through expert advice, tailored solutions, and cutting-edge research. Partner with us to leverage our expertise and elevate your organization’s strategic capabilities.

How to get in touch

Use our generic email address : contact@stratadviser.com

Or you may want to contact

   1) our CEO: Dr Jan-Cedric Hansen jc.hansen@stratadviser.com

   2) our CFO:  Sebastien Modicom s.modicom@stratadviser.com



Legal information

StratAdviser Ltd (Headquarters) Company number 06322224 The Old Studio High Street, West Wycombe, BUCKS HP14 3AB UK 

StratAdviser Ltd (French Office) SIRET 83360324400025 50 route de Duclair, 76380 Canteleu FR  (SIRET du Siège : 83360324400017)